Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates of the tournament?

Saturday, August 24 & Sunday, August 25.

What time does it start and what time does it end?

Lines in the water at 12:01am on Saturday, August 24. All bluefish must be weighed in by 5pm on Sunday, August 25.

Where can I fish?
You can fish anywhere in Long Island Sound! The westernmost border is the Whitestone Bridge. The easternmost border is the Colregs Demarcation Line (a line running from Orient Point, New York across Great, Little & Gull Islands, to Race Point on Fisher’s Island and from the East Point on Fisher’s Island to Watch Hill Point, Rhode Island which includes Fisher’s Island Sound).


Is there an age limit?
No! Anyone can register and participate!


I’m taking my children or passengers on my boat with me, but they will not be fishing – do they need to register?
Anyone who is fishing for prize considerations must be registered for the Tournament. If there is anyone on the boat not fishing, they do not need to be registered.

If I’m under 18 and win, do I have to have a parent sign affidavit to win?
In the event a winner is under the age of 18, a parent or guardian (over the age of 18) of the winner must sign the affidavit and releases.

Can I win multiple prizes? 10th place and a Port Prize for example? 
No contestant may win more than one prize.


Does the tournament supply anything that relates to fishing?  
No, the registration fee only includes your Tournament T-shirt.


Do I need to fish from a boat?
No! You can fish however you’d like – on a boat, from a kayak, from the shore, etc.


If I’m fishing from a boat do I need to launch from a certain location?
No! You can launch your boat from wherever you’d like.


Do the winners really get polygraphed?
Yes! Our top 3 finishers must take and pass a polygraph test in order to claim their prize.


When can I weigh in my Bluefish?
Our weigh stations are available to take weigh-ins throughout the time of the contest. You must be weighed in by 5pm on Sunday, August 25.


What happens if it rains?

The Tournament takes place rain or shine.


Where do I find out the leader board?

A leader board is available during the Tournament at


How am I notified if I win?

All winners will be notified by mail.


What size boat can I use?

You can fish from any size boat.


How are the fish weighed?

When Bluefish are brought to an official weigh-in station they will be weighed on an officially calibrated and certified Tournament scale.

What/where are the weigh-in stations?

A list of weigh-in stations can be found here.


Do I have to be a CT or NY resident to participate?

No! You only need to be a legal resident of the United States.


What are the prizes and how are they distributed?

You can find a list of prizes here. Once all winners are confirmed all prizes will be mailed out.